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About Me...

Hi There..

I'm Melanie...

Certified Permanent Cosmetic Artist - Qualified Beauty Therapist & Makeup Artist.

With 14 years of experience in the beauty industry I strive for nothing but perfection & amazing results.

I started as a Beauty Therapist & Makeup Artist in Rotorua. After 2 years of working at different locations I then started my own business which I still have now that's been going for 12 years & I continue to go back to Rotorua one day a week to service my wonderful clients that I now refer to as friends as most of them have been with me from day one!

After moving to Tauranga nearly 4 years ago I decided I needed a new challenge & decided to jump into the world of Permanent Makeup / Cosmetic Tattooing. I have trained with the best in the industry - Phi Brows & Judy Nguyen. I continue to grow & train in new teqniques to always better myself in this profession.





On a less serious note I'm married to my husband Rob....actually as im writting this  that is quite serious isn't it haha & we have a 10 year old daughter Marissa that's going on 20! As well as our dog the beautiful Bella, she is so friendly & has such a gorgeous nature....but be assured she will not be greeting you at the door as much as she would love to

That brings me to our 2 cats ......our gorgeous black cat  Sootie which we quite often call hipo as you can hear her running from a mile away & has the tummy to go with it. Then our cat Snowy...yes you guessed right he's white. Now our Snowy likes to come in to eat, sleep & leave... yes that's show him we love him Rob has always given him forced hugs haha. I don't dare as I don't want my face shredded!

So of course I love my job, I love summer, the beach, camping, going to the movies, reading a good thriller, getting a good deep tissue massage, walks around our beautiful neighbourhood, being creative & DIY, blasting spotify at home or in the car & singing like I'm the lead singer... only when no one is around of course haha, cooking some of my now well known & liked fav dishes macaroni cheese, seafood chowder, lasagne & my seafood dip. I must admit though definitely not good at baking but think this is due to never following a recipe so it's no wonder. Cant forget I love a good glass of wine...ok ok maybe a bottle  haha. I adore my friends so am always up for a good catch up weather it be a strong coffee....a wine....out dining or a big night out for a  good dance!

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