What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

Permanent Makeup, also called Cosmetic Tattooing Micro-pigmentation or Microblading is the process of implanting pigment beneath the surface of the skin by the means of sterile, disposable needle to produce the appearance of make-up but does fade over time.

Where are you located?

Tauranga - Salon One , Fraser Cove

Rotorua - Pure Bliss Salon, Pereika st

Is cosmetic tattooing / microblading suitable for me?

Unfortunately it isn't suitable for everyone & the following are contraindications to this treatment there for the treatment can not be performed.

  • Under 18

  • A medical condition regularly medicated - in most cases have some alternate reaction.

  • Psoriasis

  • Dermatitis 

  • Pregnant 

  • Breast feeding

  • Sunburnt

  • Vitiligo

  • Allergic to hair dye / tattoo ink

  • Old permanent brow tattoo / microblading (I wont touch up or go over other artists work)

  • Post inflammatory pigmentation (patches of pigmentation on the face)​

  • Tretinion (retin -  a), adapalene (differin), tazarotene (tazorac), isotretinion (roaccuntane)

  • If you have a pacemaker

  • If you have very dry / sensitive irritated skin

  • Pain intolerant - low pain threshold 

  • Tendency towards keloid scarring

  • Excessive oily skin, very oily skin wont hold the pigment as well. Recommend shading / ombre  (coming soon)

  • If you are taking blood thinners 

  • Bleeding disorders - haemophilia,von willerbrand disease

  • Serious diseases such as epilepsy, autoimmune disease, cancer 

  • Broken capillary's in the eyebrow area

  • Seborrheic dermatitis

  • Active cold sore

  • Malignant Diseases (cancer, luekaemia, sarcomas)

  • Chemotherapy, radiation / immune / hormonal therapy

  • Consumed alcohol & or drugs in the last 24 hours

Relative Contraindications - Generally ok to proceed with the treatment but can effect end results

  • Eczema on body - depends on severity.

  • Diabetes - must have proof of a drs clearance.

  • High blood pressure - if taking aspirin you need to ask your doctors permission to stop intake for 7 days as it causes prolonged bleeding.

  • Hormone replacement can be done but pigment might not hold as well.

  • Hyperthyroidism - expect the pigment to perish quicker.

  • Hypothyroidism - due to medication individuals are likely to have a thicker epidermis so pigment will be less visible, shading is a better option (coming soon)

  • Botox - must wait at least 10 weeks. Ideally get brows done first then botox 2 weeks later.

  • Been on roaccutane / issotane  - must be off it for at least 6 months.

  • Moles - can not be worked over top of but can be done around it. (2mm away)

  • Sun spots -  in the brow area must be checked by a doctor first

  • Rosacea -depends on severity. 

  • Anxiety - depends on severity.

  • Allergies

  • Allergic to bees - If so this does not effect the treatment at all. Bees wax is in the aftercare ointment provided & in this case you would not use it.

Do I need to have a consultation prior to making an appointment?

-Firstly please fill out the online consultation form.

-Once I have  received it I will contact you and you can then choose to make a time to meet in person for a consultation or you can send me through close up photos of each brow and a photo of them together along with any questions you may have via txt or email.

-If your treatment has been approved and you are happy to go ahead with the treatment then we can move forward with the booking process.

Is it going to hurt?

The pain level for the procedure is considered mild. although pain threshold levels vary from person to person. After the first pass topical anaesthetic is applied to numb the area. Everyone responds differently to anaesthetic; depending on the client, the feeling of the procedure has been described as light scratching feeling. Topical anaesthetics used may contain lidocaine, prilocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine and epinephrine.

After the procedure, redness, slight swelling & tenderness in the area is normal. 


How many treatments do I need?

After your 1st treatment you will be required to have a perfection treatment 4-6 weeks later. Occasionally a third may be required. A yearly colour boost is recommended to keep them looking their best.

With most procedures, the colour looks dramatically lighter after the first week. Some clients prefer this, while others opt for a bolder look. At the Perfection Treatment I  will assess the colour retention and make adjustments as necessary.

Everyone heals differently and at different rates.

How will I look immediately after?

Your permanent makeup will appear darker and more intense than expected for the first few days. This will gradually lighten during the complete healing process. Redness and swelling is minimal.

How do I look after my brows?

You will get a complementary Aftercare kit to take home with everything you need to take care of your new brows. Please read the before / aftercare for more information.

How long will it last?

Permanent makeup treatments are permanent and will not wash off, however, they will fade over time. 

Microblading can last up to 6-18months & Ombre Powder / Combination 1-2 years.

There are many factors that can cause your brows to fade -  pigment colour used (lighter colours fade faster), lifestyle (sun exposure), and if any chemical peels come into contact with treated areas. Please note that results cannot be guaranteed as each unique skin type will hold pigments differently and break down at different rates..

What factors will affect my treatment?

The regeneration of skin cells: The longer the regeneration takes, the longer the pigment holds.

The speed at which the skin absorbs the pigment: The slower the absorption, the longer the pigment will hold.

The choice of colour: Some colours fade quicker than others, e.g. a blonde colour will fade quicker than a dark brown colour..

Bleeding during the procedure: Excessive bleeding during the tattooing procedure will reduce the amount of pigment absorption. Certain medications act as blood-thinners if this is the case you are not a candidate for cosmetic tattooing treatments, please carefully read the side effects of your medication. All medical conditions / medications must be disclosed in the consultation form.

Sun exposure: The sun will extremely soften the look of your tattoo, so sunblock should be used (once healed) to prolong your enhancement.

Booking Process

-Firstly please fill out the online consultation form.

-Once I have  received it I will contact you and you can then choose to make a time to meet in person for a consultation or you can send me through close up photos of each brow and a photo of them together along with any questions you may have via txt or email.

-If your treatment has been approved and you are happy to go ahead with the treatment then we can move forward with the booking process.

-I will inform you of availability and once you have confirmed  I will send through my acc details, a $50 deposit is required with in 24hrs of making your booking to secure your appointment.

This is not refundable. 


A $50 deposit is required to secure your appointment with in 24 hours upon booking. Your deposit is  on top of the 1st Treatment price & the Colour Boost.  Accept cash (please bring the correct amount), eftpos and credit cards  - visa / mastercard


Now offering  Oxipay - this means you can have  your treatment now and pay later!!!  Sign up to Oxipay prior to your appointment.


$50 is required to secure your booking & is on top of the treatment price (1st treatment & colour boost) - NON REFUNDABLE!

** 2 DAYS NOTICE -  Is required to change your appointment & only one rescheduled appointment will be allowed, if less time is given or more then one time wanting to reschedule you will loose the $50 that was paid to secure your booking therefor $50 will be required to re book your appointment. Please understand my work time is very precious! It would be much appreciated if you make your appointment your main priority. Please allow for the full time it will take to do your treatment as this treatment will not be rushed if you need to be somewhere. Thank you.

** Please make sure you have read all of  the information prior to making a booking. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me. 


** If you have not disclosed all the information required in the consultation form honestly and on the day have a contraindication to the treatment the treatment will not  proceed & you will lose your booking fee.


** I take the health & safety guidelines very seriously & will not put any ones health at risk.

** The success of the treatment depends on, skin quality, post-treatment, aftercare, exposure to different external factors.

All of these factors are out of  my control, so any possibility to provide guarantees for the treatment is excluded.

** You are required to come back for your Perfection Touch Up Treatment with in 4-6 weeks so your treatment can be finished and if a 3rd is required must be done with in 4- 8 weeks of the last treatment.

** If you have not come back for either your Perfection Touch Up or Colour Boost Treatment in the required recommended time the full price will be charged.

** Only the person receiving the treatment is allowed in the treatment room. 


** Please understand it is up to my discretion if I choose not to perform the treatment on you as I have your best interests at heart.

** Please make sure you have followed the Preparation Before Car. If you arrive at your treatment & have not followed it correctly unfortunately the treatment wont be done & you will loose your booking deposit.

** If you have had your 1st treatment done by me & go to someone else for the touch up, no further work will be completed by me.

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